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The professional windshield repair we offer is a conservative way of fixing your broken windscreen. Auto Glass of Arlington has the expertise to repair your windshield properly and get you on the road ASAP! We’ve created a team of the most talented technicians as well as windshield repair experts who are eager to help. Therefore we can handle any auto-glass related problems that you might be facing.

What is a Windshield

Your car’s windshield is a lot more than just a piece of glass stuck on the front of your car. In fact, windshields never get the credit they deserve for the sophisticated piece of technology that they are. Even though to the naked eye the windshield appears to be nothing more than a standard piece of windshield glass, those that are installed on most automobiles are actually composed of 3 layers – 2 sheets of tempered glass which sandwich a polyvinyl layer in between them. Tempered glass is made to withstand the shock of impact and is extremely durable; on the other hand, if something such as stones, nails or pebbles does manage to make it through, the layer of poly-vinyl-butyral stops it dead in its tracks. This layer is also why most cracks on the windshield repair area appear as spider-webs.

Types of Windshield Damages

Depending on the kind and size of the projectile which hits your car’s windshields, it may sustain a variety of different damages, these may include:Windshield Repair

  • Bulls Eye/Spider Web – These are the most common type of windshield damages. They are named thus because they have a center of impact which is surrounded by propagating concentric damage lines.

  • Star Break – Such damages have a well-defined point of impact which has radiating cracks giving it a distinct star-like appearance.

  • Half Moon Crack: This kind of crack has an appearance similar to that of a half Bulls Eye crack, hence the name.

  • Edge Crack – Damage which extends as a line which may or may not have a discernible point of impact. Moreover, this happens often when a very small hit gets aggravated due to a sudden bump on the road.

How We Process Windshield Repair

We are experts at repairing windshields and can fix most common hits which are about the size of a quarter. We repair damages by firstly removing the air which gets trapped between cracks and then filling them up with a special resin which both strengthens the auto glass while retaining its visibility.

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